Avoid Wedding Flower Disasters - by Lily's Florist Santa Clarita

How To Avoid Wedding Floral Disasters

Planning your big day requires so much time, energy and effort. Even with the help of a professional wedding planner, you will still feel a bit stressed given that the final decisions will still come from you.  A generally simple task like choosing wedding flowers can bring you a major faux pas.

To help you make your special day a blooming success, here are a few reminders from us so you can avoid the common wedding flower mistakes.

  1. See the big picture. We understand the excitement in seeing a vast range of flower décor options but please do not forget to visualize the overall look that you want. Conceptualization is the key. So before you go flower shopping, make sure you have a clear vision of the look, feel and atmosphere that you want to have in your ceremony or reception venue. Ask yourself if your chosen flowers and flower arrangement styles will obstruct views of scenic surroundings. Also, do not look at each flower arrangement individually. Visualize them together so you avoid disconnection in the flow of floral decors.

  2. Trust your florist. They know what they’re doing. You hired them for their talent and skill, right? Don’t just provide print-outs of your design pegs, however. It would be impossible for a florist to completely, absolutely, 100% copy a floral design that you want because that is the time that they will lose their originality and creativity as flower artists. What you can do is provide a theme/color palette/vision board and allow some room for innovation. While you have your own set of likes and dislikes, and a clear vision and expectation, there are things that can happen beyond your supplier’s control so still have a little flexibility and be open with substitutions.

  3. Be careful with the floral fragrance. Aside from ensuring that you get a wonderfully decorated wedding venue, also make sure that your guests are happy and comfortable so skip the flowers with strong aromas especially for the reception or dinner venue. Sweet-smelling blossoms would be fine during the ceremony but strong floral fragrance may overpower the food served during the reception.

  4. Prepare for the costs. Get in touch with several florists and ask for an estimate so you can get a general idea of what wedding flowers will cost you. Set a budget then discuss it with your chosen florist. Take note that out-of-season flowers will be a lot more expensive than in-season blooms that are easier to obtain.

  5. Looks can be deceiving so avoid choosing flowers based solely on its appearance. You will need your florist’s expertise here to identify which fragrant blooms can be grouped together without the entire arrangement smelling awkward. Your florist can also help you identify flowers that are longer lasting or those that will still look fresh from beginning until the end of the celebration. Your trusted flower expert can also recommend non-floral foliage and fillers that are as attractive but less expensive as blossoms.

Basically, the key to avoid wedding floral disasters is a good communication line between you and your florist. Remember that a florist can only give you a splendid service when he/she is also willing to give you time and an attentive ear.  


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