Flower Buying Tips - by Lily's Florist Santa Clarita

7 Tips in Buying Fresh Cut Flowers

Without a doubt, flowers have the capacity to transform the look and feel of any space. It can instantly make a room look cozier and feel homier. Its natural charm and beauty also appeals to the emotion so it can likewise affect your day-to-day outlook. Notice how your mood lights up when you see a charming floral centerpiece.  Indeed, we cannot deny the emotional impact of flowers.

But to make sure you get the most of your flower purchase, here are some tips to help you select blossoms that can bring guaranteed delight.  

Tip No. 1. Ask this: “Which flowers just arrived?” Yes, do not hesitate to ask this simple question. Just like how you buy fish from the market and how you check expiration dates at the grocery, identify which blossoms has just been delivered as they’re more likely the freshest ones.

Tip No. 2. Carefully look at the flowers like how you would look at fruits and vegetables. Do they have spots? Are they too open? Are there signs of aging? You may want to give closed roses a light, quick squeeze and if they’re hard, then they’re fresh. If you’re buying a blossomed rose, look at the bottom of the blossom and distinguish how many petals have been removed. Older roses have more ripped petals.  Browning, wilting, and tired-looking petals are of course signs of being in stock for some time.

Tip No. 3. Look at the stems. If the color of the stem near the cut is already black or is clogged with white sticky stuff, leave it.

Tip No. 4. Check the bucket of water where the flowers are placed. If the water’s cloudy or dark, it says something about how the vendor cares for the flowers he/she sells. You may want to look for another flower shop. Take note, however, that you should be careful when checking stems. Do not drip water on the top portion of other flowers/bouquets as such encourages flower disease.

Tip No. 5.  If you see a single stem of flower with spots, holes or powdery residue on its leaves or petals, leave the entire bunch and move on to a different bucket of blooms. Fungus spreads like wildfire so if you get a fresh flower from an infected bunch, decay will occur sooner than you expected.

Tip No. 6. Prepare for your visit to the flower shop. Find out first which blossoms are in season in your area. This way, you can get more flowers for your budget as readily available local flowers are cheaper compared to imported and out-of-season ones.

Tip No. 7. Identify the meaning of the flower so you can make a more “personal” purchase. There’s such a thing as the language of flowers. Bright sunflowers and bold gerberas can give you strength and remind you to be more positive. Dainty carnations and lilies soothe the senses and calm the spirit. Bells of Ireland can add a touch of whimsy to your space. Sweetly scented blue hyacinths depict friendship and sincerity. Tulips and roses are dramatic flowers symbolizing love and romance. Apple blossoms and Sweet William stand for good fortune and promise of better things to come.  

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