June Flowers In-Season - by Lily's Florist Santa Clarita

Flowers in Season for the Month of June

To make flower shopping easier and more affordable for you, we’ve listed this month’s beautiful blooms in season. Whether you’re looking for wedding flowers that can maximize your floral budget or simply looking for affordable flowers that you can regularly get to bring nature into your home as often as you like, you’re sure to find this June flowers list helpful.

In photo: Alstroemeria, Gerbera, Café Au Lait Dahlia, and Freesia

Alstroemerias are actually available year round. These are available in colors white, yellow, pink, red, orange, and purple.
When you’re looking for a specific flower color, you’re sure to find it from a gerbera flower. Gerberas have nearly 350 hues ranging from the palest to the darkest of colors.  
Café au Lait Dahlias are in season during the month of June. These absolutely stunning blossoms feature creamy blush pink, peach, dusty rose, champagne and ivory colors. This type of dahlia is also known as “dinner plate” dahlia as its bloom can get as big as a dinner plate. The lush and large petals of café au lait dahlias make them the more inexpensive alternative to peonies.
Freesia’s known for its sweet and almost fruity scent; it’s available in almost all colors except for blue.

In photo: Delphinium, Bearded Iris, Stargazer Lily, Phlox

Delphiniums feature clustered florets and showy, towering spikes in summer colors of white, purple, blue and pink.
There are over 300 species and thousands of Iris cultivars. Choose the larger, showy Bearded Iris if you intend to use this species as cut flower.
The most widely grown Oriental lily is the Stargazer Lily. This is a famous cut flower renowned for its delicate beauty and long vase life.
The dainty Phlox flowers feature clusters of small-petaled blossoms in disk shape. These little flowers have sweet to very aromatic scent.

In photo: Lisianthus, Pink Lady Slipper Orchid, Peonies, Mini Cymbidium Orchid, Sunflowers

Lisianthus is a cupped flower that resembles a ranunculus or a rose.
The Pink Lady Slipper Orchid blooms from late June to July. It has a slightly sweet scent and deep pink flowers.
June is the big moment for Peonies. No one can deny their attractive, abundant blooms and their exquisite beauty. No wonder peonies are a favorite among florists, brides-to-be and flower enthusiasts.
Mini Cymbidium Orchids are commonly used in cut flower displays. Also known as “boat orchids,” this flower features larger bloom size and patterned lip compared to other types of orchids.
Sunflowers are in season from the month of May to November, with a peak during summer. These flowers symbolize loyalty, pride and adoration.

In photo: Mister Lincoln Rose, Bells of Ireland, Yarrow, Veronica, Zinnia

Mister Lincoln Roses start to bloom in early June until around mid-November. This particular rose species has been recognized as one of the most fragrant roses available today.
Looking for something unique? Choose Bells of Ireland. These gorgeous blossoms come in a striking yellow green color. You can use this as foliage plant to balance off color in a bouquet or in a vase arrangement.
Yarrow blooms usually appear around May or June until September. This perennial belongs to the Aster family and has more than 85 medicinal species. Yarrow cut flowers add color and texture to vase arrangements.
Veronicas are year round blooms shaped like a plume and available in white, pink, magenta, purple and burgundy shades.
Zinnias are in season from June to September and are available in pink, red, yellow, orange and green shades.

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