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Top 5 Most Beautiful Red Flowers

Red is the color of love and red flowers are the supreme trademark of romantic and passionate love. Red blossoms, with their rich color and striking beauty, never fails to communicate deep, profound affection. So if you want to impress someone you admire or if you wish to express devotion and love, choose red flowers.
To give you an idea on which red blooms to send to your special someone, we’ve listed five of the most beautiful red flowers that we also consider as the most vivid, rousing and dazzling red blossoms.


Image of Red Naomi Rose via Pinterest

Rose has been widely known as a symbol of love. The red one, in particular, symbolises romantic and passionate love. Red roses stand for fidelity, devotion, passion and desire. We find the Dutch-grown Red Naomi Rose that was introduced in the flower market in 2006 to be the rose that has the most sensual beauty. It’s has a smooth, velvety shade in the perfect deep red hue. Red Naomi has just the right fragrance, too. It has a large flower head and about 80 petals per bloom. Its long vase life lets you enjoy a Red Naomi’s luxurious, open-type blossom for up to 14 days.


The Red Oriental Poppy is another striking red bloom. Oriental poppy or Papaver orientale is a perennial flowering plant that thrives in light calcareous soil under partial shade or full sun. The Goliath group of Oriental Poppies feature large, blood-red blossom with silky, tissue-paper-like petals on a tall, strong stem.  


Delicate yet durable, and definitely delightful. A carnation, or Dianthus caryophyllus in scientific term, is a beautiful flower of love. It is one of the oldest cultivated flowers in the world as its history dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times. Carnations were available in peach and pale pink shades only but over the years, purple, green, yellow, white and red carnations were cultivated. Today, these magnificient blossoms with ruffled petals and clove-like fragrance continue to charm people. Pale red carnations are known to signify admiration while dark red varieties convey deeper sentiments of love.

Image of Dianthus caryophyllus SuperTrouper Butterfly Dark Red Carnation from Stonegate Gardens

The Grenadin Scarlet carnation is an attractive, sweet-scented variety that’s easy to grow and makes an excellent cut flower. The carnation that appeals to us the most is the dark red ruffled flowers of Butterfly Dark Red carnation.


Native to Mexico, there’s something exotic and truly interesting about dahlias. No wonder it has a varied symbolic meanings. Dahlias can signify your strong desire to fight for love against all odds.

This herbaceous perennial plant is, after all, related to sunflower, zinnia, daisy and chrysanthemum.  At present, there are 42 accepted species under the Dahlia genus. Gorgeous red dahlias include Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff with semi-double rich red flowers and almost black foliage, and the award-winning Dahlia Duet that’s bicolor featuring an elegant mix of dark wine red blossoms with crisp white tips.


Amaryllis is said to be the living symbol of love given the story in Greek mythology about the shepherdess Amaryllis who fell in love with the shepherd Alteo who is said to have Apollo’s beauty and Hercules’ strength. Alteo, however, only loved flowers and would only fall for a girl who can bring a new kind of flower. Amaryllis, upon knowing this, then dressed in white and pierced her heart with a golden arrow for 30 nights at Alteo’s door. When Alteo finally opened his door, he found the Amaryllis flower – a red blossom which has sprung from the blood of Amaryllis’ heart.

What a love story! The Amaryllis flower then came to symbolize determination and strength to  endure all things for love.

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